Life Stories – Healing and Hope in the Wake of Loss

About The Book

If you are facing cancer, don’t face it alone. If you have a friend or loved one with cancer, this book will help you know what to say and what to do. Let Debbie Hardy help you step through this part of your life as she shares her firsthand experience with her husband’s terminal cancer. Her practical advice will help you work through the arduous decision-making process, and her Spirit-filled encouragement will give you hope even in the most difficult times.

Victories & Memories

Are you a cancer survivor? Head on over to the Victories page where you can share your story of triumph and read the victories over cancer others have also enjoyed!

Has someone you loved passed away from cancer? We’ve created a way to honor those we’ve loved and lost on the Memories page—please join us by sharing your story.

Download Chapters

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Caregiver's Handbook

As a companion to the book Stepping Through Cancer, the Caregiver's Handbook is a practical resource that offers a place to store information while providing hands-on tools to help you through this difficult time. Caregiver's Handbook